I am Gold Medalist in open Athletic National Championship. I have practiced in SPORTS AUTHORITY OF INDIA(SAI) and played many competitions. I am REGISTER FOR EXERCISE PROFESSIONALS INDIA FOUNDATION (REPS INDIA) CERTIFIED TRAINER.

About Me

I have been in sports for over 10 years. I have completed my personal trainer diploma from K11 School of Fitness Sciences. I am certified as a National Cadit Corps(NCC). 

Why is fitness important?

Engaging in fitness involves diverse activities like cardio, strength training, and flexibility exercises. Proper nutrition, gym workouts, yoga, and aerobics contribute to holistic wellness. Embracing an active lifestyle builds endurance, agility, and balance, fostering motivation for a healthier life.

A fitness journey integrates exercise, nutrition, and mental well-being. Gyms, yoga, and running are avenues for physical activity.


 Achieving balance and strength requires dedication, fostering resilience and vitality in everyday life.

Consistency, discipline, mindfulness, recovery, cross-training, hydration, muscle groups, personal trainer, motivation, and self-care contribute to a well-rounded and sustainable fitness routine.

What Services I'm Providing

I am guiding individuals to achieve their fitness goals. I assess client’s fitness levels, create tailored workout plans, demonstrate proper exercise techniques, and provide motivation. Additionally, I educate clients on nutrition, monitor progress, and adapt routines to ensure continued improvement. Effective communication, support, and a personalized approach are essential for fostering a successful client-trainer relationship.

Personl training

I guides clients with tailored workouts, motivation, and nutritional advice, fostering a healthy lifestyle and fitness success.

Online training

I delivers personalized fitness plans, coaching, and motivation remotely, enabling clients to achieve their health and wellness goals virtually. 

Sports-Specific Training

Being a sports-specific trainer I specialize in tailoring workouts to optimize athletes’ performance, emphasizing sport-specific skills, strength, and conditioning.

My Portfolio

“Elevating fitness experiences, one personalized journey at a time – welcome to my transformative portfolio.”

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